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  NOTE:  Each machine size listed is capable of stretching a canvas twice its width, using 2 pulls.   So a 36”

               wide machine can stretch up to 72” wide canvas.  A 60” machine can do up to  120”, and so on.

               If you want to do a 20 foot canvas on a CS120 machine, you’ll just need a really long table!

CS36 = 36” Wide Canvas Stretch’r Machine with 3 pusher plates, and handle.

            (914 mm) Price = $ 1,360.00  FOB New Bedford MA.

CS60 = 60” wideCanvas Stretch’r Machine with 4 pusher plates & handle

            (1524 mm) Price = $ 1,995.00  FOB New Bedford, MA.

CS72 =  72” wide Canvas Stretch’r Machine with 6 pusher s & 2 handles   

           (1829mm)  Price = $ 2,720.00 Combines 2-CS36 units with a                                                            free coupler to get 72”

CS96  = 96” wide Canvas Stretch’r Machine   

Price =$ 3,355.00 Combines 1-CS36 & 1-CS60 with a    

                              free coupler to get 96” (2438mm)

CS120 = 120” wide Canvas Stretch’r   Machine Price =$ 3,990.00  Combines 2- CS60 units with a free coupler to get 120” (3048mm)

By combining our two model sizes, the 36” and the 60” wide units

with a free coupler, you can create a 72” or 96” or 120” wide machine.

Either when first ordering or years apart.

      Std. PARTS to ORDER

A612     60” Emery Cloth w/ tape           $ 5.00

A612S  36” Emery Cloth w/ tape           $ 3.00

K111     Small Spring 1/4” x 1-1/2”        $ 1.95

K714     Long Spring 5/16” x 3” long    $ 3.95

9012     Complete Pusher Assembly   $ 16.80

9018     SS Pusher Plate only                $ 10.00

9019     Nylon Spacer for pusher          $  4.50

A622    3/4” Thumbscrew for pusher   $  2.30

A807    1-1/2” Old Thumbscrew             $ 2.95

A540    New longer screw for spacer   $ 1.40

7391A  Set of Loop Handle Allens        $ 8.00

A911     3/16” x 1-1/8” Spring Pin          $ 0.15 ea

WHICH IS BETTER ?  Mechanical or Air for stretching canvas..To download and read the complete Canvas Stretch’r story click HERE


Click HERE to download a 2 page instruction sheet on the latest adjustments for the front clamp tension and replacing the Emery Cloth

ADJUSTING_FRONT_PLATE19.pdf To download a PDF sales brochure click  HERE JRSmallFlyer2019.pdf

To download a complete instruction manual click         HERE

InstrCS3660_2018Complete.pdf InstrCS3660_2019Complete.pdf Model CS36  JOIN RITE 36” Canvas Stretch’r Machine  w/ 3 pusher plates, reversible handle. (914 mm)   Model CS60  JOIN RITE 60” Canvas Stretch’r Machine  w/ 4 pusher plates, reversible handle (1524 mm) CS7296 CS3660 Buy Now


If you have any problems watching these videos, go to youtube and type in the search window for JOIN RITE canvas stretcher videos.

Click Image > to see a new video of cutting giclee cornersto see a new video of cutting giclee corners Click Image > to see a new video of stretching a wrapped image canvas Click Image >  to watch a new video of exact position stretching Click Image > to watch a new video on stretching a sign canvas Click Image >  to watch a video on adjusting the Join Rite Machines







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