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The Join Rite Canvas Stretch’rs were designed from the start to be easy to use for Gallery Wrap or standard stapling on the side.  Two machines can be mounted side by side to make a wider machine (with a coupler we provide)    This can be done at the beginning with 2 new machines, or years after the first machine is installed.   

One handle can then operate 2 machines together as one machine.  


  NOTE:  Each machine size listed is capable of stretching a canvas twice its width, using 2 pulls.   So a 36” wide                machine can stretch up to 72” wide canvas.  A 60” machine can do up to  120”, and so on.

               If you want to do a 20 foot canvas on a CS120 machine, you’ll just need a really long table!

CS36   36” wide

CS60  60” wide

CS72   2- CS36 = 72” wide

CS96  1- CS36 + 1- CS60 = 96” wide

CS120   2 - CS60 = 120” wide

What size do you need?

The only machines we know of that can grow as your canvases get larger!